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How safe is purchasing a domain?

Because we act as trustee, your transaction is 100% safe. When you use our secure escrow service, your money will be fully refunded should the domain holder fail to hold up their end of the bargain.

Will I gain full ownership/control?

As soon as your transaction is complete, you will receive total ownership and control of your domain. When you purchase a domain, you may move it to the registrar or provider of your choice, or even sell it again. It’s up to you!

How do your auctions work?

Auctions last for five days, and occur as part of a bid-counterbid negotiation. As with any auction, the highest bidder gets the domain. Bids placed at auction are considered binding.

What is domain purchase for a fixed price?

Fixed-price domains can be purchased immediately. Many buyers prefer this method, because it is easier to determine what the final price of the domain will be. Fixed domain purchases are considered final and binding.

Do I have to place a bid?

If you have submitted the final bid, you are bound to it for ten days. During this time, the domain holder can accept your bid, or wait for and accept counterbids. If a counterbid is received, your bid id no longer considered binding. At marketplace auctions, the highest bidder gets the domain.

What does it cost?

Buyers are charged no additional fees, and are only responsible for the price of the domain.

The price list for sellers can be found here.

How does a domain transfer work?

1. When you purchase a domain, we follow up with a request for payment.

2. After we receive the purchase amount, we take over the domain from the holder (seller) via escrow service.

3. You will receive the Authcode necessary to transfer the domain. This allows your provider/registrar to transfer

the domain as well as change the owner.

4. You receive full ownership and control of your domain.

How may I pay?

We currently accept bank transfer (IBAN/BIC, Visa, Mastercard and Bank Wire). We will be adding further payment options very soon.

What if something goes wrong?

If something happens and your transaction cannot be completed, we will gladly refund 100% of the purchase price. If you find the need to enforce your rights, your purchase agreement remains in effect.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes. As soon as we successfully overtake the domain into escrow from the domain holder (seller), you will promptly receive an invoice acknowledging the transaction.

Are prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

All prices are without Net.

A tax-free transfer applies if the buyer:

  • has a valid (EU) VAT-ID
  • is from outside the EU
“Tax-free delivery in accordance with §19 UStG”

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