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Turn Your Domains into Money!

In today’s world, owning a domain name is an essential part of bringing traffic into your business’ website. Trading in domains can be a profitable business in itself. GOLEM Domain Aftermarket offers a secure, fast, and cost-effective way to market and sell your domains. Whether you wish to sell locally or internationally, we offer a wide range of tools to help you advertise and sell domains safely.

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(Please replace “domain.tld” with your domain name)

GOLEM Nameserver

  • ns1.golem.eu

  • ns2.golem.eu

  • ns3.golem.eu

Fixed-Price Sales

Fixed-price sales/purchases are advantageous in that they allow both parties to avoid the inconvenience of time-consuming negotiations. They also provide protection in the event that one party cancels negotiations, or the seller decided to increase the price.

With a fixed-price sale/purchase, the buyer immediately receives the rights to the domain name from the seller by contract.

Fixed-price sales generally provide the seller with a much better chance of locating an interested buyer for their domain name.

It is very important that you set reasonable price when selling fixed-price domains. We recommend setting the price below EUR 5,000. We find that domains have the best chance of selling when priced between EUR 500 and 5,000.


We recommend that you choose our bid-counterbid option if:

  • You are uncomfortable selling domains at fixed prices

  • Have yet to determine their value

  • Have a domain with a value over EUR 5,000

Interested parties can place a (binding) bid for a domain name, based on the minimum price determined by the seller. When bids are offered, domain holders may either accept the bid received or respond with a counterbid.

Please Note the Following:

  • Final bids are binding for a period of 10 days

  • The domain-holder may open a five-day auction with the highest bid placed by the interested party

  • Marketplace auctions must take place within the 10 day binding period.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • The interested party has the option to purchase the domain through our bidding system. (Some negotiation skills are a plus for both sides.)

  • Both parties will be given ample time to reconsider the value of the domain

Combination Fixed-Price and Bid-Counterbid Sales

In addition to fixed-price sales, we offer the option to combine the two within our bidding system. We recommend that sellers place the minimum bid in order to set the minimum price and open the bidding. A good suggestion is placing a bid that is between 50-80% of the fixed price.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The interested party may try to obtain the domain below that the domain holder is looking for

  • The interested party has the option to purchase the domain for the fixed price until the domain holder decides to begin a marketplace option

  • Both parties will receive ample time to reconsider the value of the domain.

  • The final bid is binding for a period of ten days. The domain holder may begin a five-day auction using the amount of the final bid as an opening bid.

  • Five-day marketplace auctions must take place within the ten-day binding period

Marketplace Auctions

We offer the option to place a domain on which you have received a bid into our five-day marketplace auction.

Please Note the Following:

  • Only the final bid may be converted into a binding first bid for a marketplace auction

  • Each new bid cancels the validity of the previous bid

  • A contract will be issued immediately upon the end on an auction

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