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Domain Auction

The auction is initiated by the domain-holder and expires after five days. Then the person with the highest bid is the new owner of this domain.

Marketplace Auction

When you have domain name to sell, you want to be sure to advertise it to the widest possible audience. Our marketplace auction can help your domain the exposure it needs to sell quickly.

Bid and Counterbid

Domains for which you have received a bid can be placed in our five-day auction.

Please Note:

  • Only the final binding bid can be converted into a binding first bid of a marketplace auction

  • Each new bid cancels the validity of the previous bid

  • A contract will be issued immediately upon completion of the auction

Special Marketplace Auctions

In addition to our bid-counterbid and marketplace options, we also offer special ccTLD auctions on a recurring basis. Our secure payment platform ensures that you get paid right away when you sell domains, immediately get the domains you purchase, and that your privacy is protected.

Safe, secure, and convenient... GOLEM Domain Aftermarket is the best way to buy and sell domains!

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