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Domain Escrow

Whenever a domain sale is conducted through Golem Domain Aftermarket directly between buyer and seller, we can assist with all of the technical and financial aspects of the transaction.

Consider the following scenario: A potential domain buyer and seller agree to a sale. How should they proceed?

  • Should the buyer pay for the domain up front first?

  • Should the seller transfer the domain first?

  • Should a contract be produced to secure the deal?

  • Is a contract really secure?

  • Is a contract enforceable when things go wrong?

We offer a simple, secure, and cost-effective solution!

Golem Domain Aftermarket Escrow Service

  • Upon confirmation of the sale by the buyer and seller, the domain transfer is entered into our secure escrow system.

  • The seller issues a payment request for the sales price of the domain

  • The buyer remits the sales price to our escrow account. Dependent of the TLD (domain ending) we then either transfer the domain to ourselves as trustee, or transfer it directly to the buyer.

  • Golem Domain Aftermarket provides the buyer with a full invoice acknowledging the sale. This completes the sale on the part of the buyer.

  • The seller issues Golem Domain Aftermarket an invoice for the sale price minus commission. After this is received, the seller receives the funds due to them.

  • Escrow service keeps you protected in the event that the sale is not completed. Should the transaction be cancelled, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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