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Do you: Have unused domains? Want to earn extra money? Want a domain parking/selling combination?

Why not park your Domains with us Golem Domain Aftermarket and ParkingCrew!

People park domains for a number of reasons. Perhaps you want to park a domain in order to let people know that you are reserving it for your website, or maybe you want to put it on the market by displaying a sales-link or banner. Maybe you’d like to combine the two with a convenient parking/selling combination option. You may also have been thinking about how to earn extra income by monetizing your parked domain.

Our partnership with ParkingCrew.com makes monetizing domains easier than ever...and it’s free!

(We don’t earn a cent!) When you park a domain, visitors will see a temporary web page when they enter your domain name in their browser. Why not turn that unused space into advertising space that can generate extra money? ParkingCrew.com offers the chance to monetize with the assistance of industry experts with decades of experience in turning parked domains into profits.

No matter what the domain type you have, ParkingCrew offers the landing pages and ad inventory you need to make your domains work ($$$) for you. Thanks to low overhead, ParkingCrew offers highest revshares!

These are just a few of the things that Parking Crew can offer you:

  • Highest revshares thanks to low overhead costs
  • Autooptimization of proven templates
  • Custom template modification capabilities
  • Transparent stats per domain
  • Multiple for-sale banners

How do I get started?

When you create a free registration with us, you also will automatically be offered a free ParkingCrew account.


  • create an account
  • list your domains
  • then forward them to the nameservers listed below

(If you already have an account with ParkingCrew, you can choose to integrate it by using your ParkingCrew/ Username/ CName/API-Key in your GOLEM account settings). Optimize your domains through ParkingCrew.com, then sit back and start earning money!

Please note that this service is only possible if you set at your domains our GOLEM nameservers

  • ns1.golem.eu
  • ns2.golem.eu
  • ns3.golem.eu

Your GOLEM account will offer you the following options when you add domain names or change domain settings:

    Domains will steer traffic directly to the GOLEM Saleslander, increasing you chance to sell them. We recommend this option for domains with no or little traffic.
  • ParkingCrew
    If you choose this option your domain will be forwarded to the ParkingCrew templates and traffic/visitors start to generate money through advertising. Additionally you may link to the GOLEM-Saleslander if you want to sell your domain what we recommend, in this case simply set the domain also for sale within your GOLEM interface.With the access-data you received from ParkingCrew, you will be able to customize your parking settings and templates for optimum results, directly through your free ParkingCrew.com account.
  • External Service
    You can use your own service / sales-page.

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