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What is a dropped domain?

A dropped domain is a domain that was registered by somebody but failed to renew his registration and so it has recently lapsed. Drop catching is the practice of redeeming a dropped domain as soon as it becomes available for registration. This practice is very difficult to complete without the assistance of some specialized piece of software and this is where Golem.eu comes in to help.

How does the domain name expiration actually work?

The process is rather complex but for someone who is just looking to snap a dropped domain name there is only a few things that need to be understood.

When a buyer registers his domain name, he usually makes the registration for 365 days. When that period of registration has passed, the domain name enters some latent phases when the owner must renew his rights by paying the registrants an amount of money. If the owner fails do to so, after about 1 mount of grace period, he loses all rights regarding the domain name and that is when a drop catcher comes by and registers the domain on another name.

Why would I go through all that? Can’t I just register a new domain name?

Of course you could just register a new domain but maybe you were thinking about a name already and it is taken, or maybe you want to use the name of an existing website.

Hand registration vs. Golem.eu auto registration

The positive part about hand registration is that apart from the registration fees, this process is free of cost.

The negative part about hand registration is that if you find a domain name that’s worth a fight, then there are probably other buyers looking for domains like that and they are using a automatic domain finder and registrator like the one golem.eu has. If so, then you are most surely going to lose the domain name in the favor of those using specialized software.

What does this specialized software do?

In a nutshell, our software provides the user with a never-ending list of domains that are expiring soon (5 days) and domains that are already good to go and are available for registration.

If you are still wondering about a matter or you are unsure whether or not to use this service, feel free to contact our customer support section.

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