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Our team has been actively involved in software development since 2002, and in the domain business since 2006. We pride ourselves on the successful completion of over 1,000 sales, at a total value of over 1 million Euros. We continually use the knowledge we acquire to improve our services in the best way possible. We aim to equip domain owners with the tools they need to conduct sales, parking, and monetization in the best way possible.

Independent & Flexible

We are an independent and flexible company with the ability to react quickly to the needs of our customers. Security, stability, ease of use, and top-quality service are our top priorities. We believe that our experience and expertise justifies out commission of 7%-13%, although this is still competitively-priced.

Easy to Use

GOLEM Domain Aftermarket strives to equip domain holders and portfolio owners with the tools they need to work effectively, with minimal complications. Buyers and potential employers will appreciate our simple and straightforward interface which enables domains to be transferred safely and securely, even internationally.

Our unique interface is designed to continuously adapt to customer needs and usability requirements. Please feel free to share your questions, concerns, complaints, needs, and ideas so that we can continue to improve the quality of our service.


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